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Avignon’s tramway gets green light

An artist’s impression of the planned Avignon tramway. (Image: Grand Avignon)

A tramway for Avignon, France, was first proposed ten years ago and had reached the stage of achieving its Declaration of Public Utility, and rolling stock order, with EUR35.6m already invested, before the March 2014 French local elections brought doubt to its future with a mayor opposed to the project. On 10 January the Grand Avignon council voted to back most of the tramway plan adopted before the elections. Initially a 6km (3.7-mile) line from Porte Saint-Roch to St-Chamand park-and-ride via Gare Centrale, and two high-capacity bus lines, will be built for EUR135m by 2018. It is not yet known if the 2013 EUR43.7m order for 24 22m Alstom Citadis Compact trams will be maintained. A depot will be built at Bel Air, near the east end of the line.