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Berlin ‘climate trams’ put into service

One of the Bombardier eight-axle Flexity Berlin trams in the new Klima Tram livery. BVG / Andreas Sass

‘Even the Hottest City has to stay Cool’ is the message on the side of the three new Klima Tram cars that entered service on the German capital’s tramway network from 17 October.

The blue to red vinyl graphic which represents climate change since 1850 is the visible part of a campaign by the alliance of Berlin4Future, Scientists4Future and Healthy Earth – Healthy People. The first tram was launched by Berlin Senator for Environment, Mobility, Consumer and Climate Protection, Bettina Jarasch, together with Gerd Hübner, Dr Gregor Hagedorn and Professor Dr Med Eckart von Hirschhausen from the sponsors.

The trams display QR codes giving passengers information on why a switch from private cars to public transport is crucial in making cities healthier and more liveable. Senator Jarasch said: “The climate crisis demands changes from us. The mobility turnaround and the climate resilient conversion of the city are important building blocks of climate change, which we are already implementing in many places.

“Also the transparent information of Berliners to organise our life, mobility and our everyday life in a climate-friendly manner is an important part. The new climate trams are the ideal place for this rolling classroom.”