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Bombardier’s claims Primove range record

Bombardier trams in Mannheim have used supercapacitor technology since 2009, this is the vehicle that completed the 41.6km (25.8-mile) run in November. (Image: Bombardier)

On 3 November Bombardier announced the completion of a 41.6km (25.8-mile) catenary-free test run on the Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr (RNV) tram network in Mannheim, Germany, powered entirely by its latest-generation Primove technology. The system as installed uses nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) Li-Ion cells in combination with the firm’s Mitrac propulsion and control equipment.

RNV began using supercapacitor energy storage systems on its trams in 2009, and now has 30 trams with this technology. This provided sufficient energy for short journeys off-wire, however the test run took place using the latest version of the system, specifically developed for longer distances. Mannheim is also the worldwide centre for Primove development.