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BQX mock-up unveiled

Image courtesy of Friends of the Brooklyn Queens Connector

Public officials and advocates of proposals to build a 22.5km (14-mile) light rail line connecting the New York boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens revealed a life-size mock-up of an Alstom Citadis low-floor vehicle at the Brooklyn Naval Yard on 13 November. The 14m USD100 000 prototype was shipped from Nice for the event.

The Brooklyn-Queens Connector (BQX) is intended to reduce congestion along the waterfront of the East River and improve connections to the city. Still in the early planning stages, the new line could open in 2024; the area’s  last lines closed on 31 October 1956.

Announced by New York Mayor Bill De Blasio in February 2016, the double-track route would run between Astoria and Sunset Park, although critics have suggested that the plan to issue bonds against future property taxes along the line would not be sufficient to meet the project’s USD2.5bn pricetag and that these funds instead be invested in upgrading the city’s existing networks.