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CRRC hydrogen trams destined for Foshan

The prototype tram in the Qingdao production plant. (Image credit: S. Xuechun, courtesy CSR Sifang).

CRRC Qingdao Sifang is to supply eight hydrogen fuel cell-powered trams for a new tramline in Foshan, China, the supplier announced on 9 March.

The new 70km/h-capable vehicles will be used on the 17.4km (10.8-mile), 20-stop Gaoming line, the initial 6.5km (four miles) of which is due to open in 2018. Construction on the first stage was launched earlier this year and begins at Cangjiang Road station in the central urban area, travelling along the Zhongshan Road and Hefu Street before terminating at Zhihu in Xijiang New City. Ten stops are to be placed with an average spacing of 640m; Hecheng will allow transfers to metro line 2. A depot with hydrogen refuelling station is to be built in the east of Hefu Street.

The low-floor trams are based upon the Škoda ForCity platform and will be powered by hydrogen fuel cells developed with Canadian company Ballard Power Systems; each vehicle is capable of transporting 285 passengers.