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Detroit’s QLINE to launch in May

Trial runs began in December 2016 on the Woodward Avenue tramway (QLINE) using Brookville Liberty tram 289 (pictured); the official opening has now been announced as 12 May 2017. (Image credit: QLINE)

May 12 will see the launch of Detroit’s new streetcar system, QLINE, officials have announced.

A special event at the Penske Technical Center will be held to mark the occasion, followed by a ride down Woodward Avenue. The system will then open to the public that evening.

“QLINE’s grand opening will be a historic day in Detroit,” Matt Cullen, CEO of M-1 Rail (operator) said, “We’re bringing rail transit back to the heart of the city and connecting the Woodward Corridor in a way that’s already begun to transform the entire district.”

Construction of the USD142m project began in July 2014; testing began in December 2016, while simulated operations are set to begin in April this year. The finished line will run 5.3km (3.3 miles) on Woodward between Campus Martius downtown and the New Center area. It will be worked by six streetcars supplied by Brookville Equipment Co. The three-piece, articulated cars are 66 feet long and carry 125 passengers.

It is estimated that there will be an average of 5000-5800 riders per day. Services will run 06.00-23.00 Monday-Thursday, and 06.00-00.00 Friday-Saturday, and 08.00-20.00 on Sundays. A ride will cost USD1.50, while daily and monthly passes will also be available.