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EUR49 monthly ticket on sale from 3 April

Nationwide tramway, metro, bus and regional train travel across Germany will be available for EUR49 a month from 1 May. A. Koch / CC BY-ND 2.0

Germany’s EUR49 monthly ‘Deutschlandticket’ is to go on sale from 3 April, following agreement between Olaf Scholz’s Federal Government and state authorities.

Valid from 1 May, the Deutschlandticket is the successor to last year’s 9-Euro promotion which initially wasn’t believed to continue into 2023. It  covers all standard-class public transport journeys up to the level of regional trains and is expected to be offered in digital format and smartphone app only, although discussions are ongoing regarding the temporary allocation of paper versions.Unlike the 2022 offer, however, the new nationwide ticket will only be available via monthly subscription.

The Deutschlandticket is to be funded by the Federal Government with EUR1.5bn/year to 2025, with states matching this with their own EUR1.5bn in financing. An agreement has also been reached to share any costs exceeding the already-committed EUR3bn.

The initiative is still waiting final approval from the German parliament and the Bundesrat, Germany’s upper house, and the European Commission, which is looking at the promotion under its state aid rules.

Further details remained to be confirmed in early February – such as whether employers would be able to be able to purchase multiple tickets and offer workers a ‘Jobticket’ version at a cheaper price.