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Gorelectrotrans sticks with PK-TS for new low-floor order

Deliveries of the latest PK-TS trams to Gorelectrotrans are due to start in May and continue to the end of 2023. PK-TS

Sankt Peterburg’s Gorelectrotrans placed an order for a further 81 low-floor trams with PK Transportnye Sistemy (PK-TS) on 11 April. The latest contract follows a RUB6.9bn (EUR78m) order placed in February for 57 two- and three-section 100% low-floor trams, where PK-TS was the only bidder. That order comprised 54 two-section 71-923 Bogatyr-M trams and three of the three-section 71-931M Vityaz-Leningrad type. The first deliveries are planned for May.

The latest commission includes another 23 two-section Bogatyr-M and 58 three-section Vityaz-Leningrad trams. All 138 will have the capability to be upgraded for future autonomous operation.

The Bogatyr-M is designed for 138 people, 45 seated, while the aluminium-bodied Vityaz-Leningrad is a three-section version. More than 400 trams of this type (and the steel-bodied Vityaz-M) are already in service in Sankt Petersburg and Moscow.

The first trams from the latest batch are due to arrive in September 2022, with completion of deliveries by the end of 2023. Alexander Dubrovkin, PK-TS Director General, said that while most of the components for its vehicles are made by Russian manufacturers, there is still a risk of disruption in the supply chain of those elements supplied from international partners.

Gorelectrotrans has a further tender for modern ‘retro’ two- (12 cars) and three-section (42 cars) low-floor trams underway. With the first required in 2023, these will be styled to resemble 1950s and 1960s cars but have the ability to negotiate curve radii of 14m and technology that reflects “the most promising trends in automation, service and comfort.”

This tender is worth an estimated RUB13bn (EUR148m), reflecting both the bespoke nature of the vehicles and that they are planned to be acquired under a long-term lease arrangement.