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From local champion to global player – 15 years of UBIMET

Inspired by the historic floods in Central Europe in 2002, two 27-year-old natural scientists founded the private weather service UBIMET in 2004 with the objective of making the most precise weather forecasts and delivering the most precise weather information to both private persons and businesses. UBIMET stands for ubiquitous meteorology, i.e. meteorology any time, any place.

The launch customer of UBIMET’s flagship product, the severe weather warning, was UNIQA, the biggest Austrian insurance company. In 2005, Austrian Railways ÖBB became an UBIMET customer and has used the Weather Cockpit®  ever since. “We have always differentiated ourselves from our competitors by the quality we deliver. The fact that both UNIQA and ÖBB are still long-standing customers makes us proud,” says UBIMET Founder and CEO Michael Fassnauer.

The UBIMET Weather Cockpit® provides specifically developed, high-resolution weather models and pinpoint forecasts for railroads and infrastructure. The system includes round-the-clock monitoring of the entire rail network, as well as constantly updated and tailored forecasts specifically for planning railway operations. As one of the few railways worldwide with its own natural hazards department, ÖBB truly benefits from its co-operation with UBIMET. International railway operators such as German Railways DB have been using the UBIMET weather warning system since 2007. Swiss Railways SBB have been an UBIMET customer since 2018.

ÖBB knows days in advance, where a lot of snow will fall and are able to keep the tracks clear. Planning winter services is important for ÖBB. The Weather Cockpit® enables optimised planning for all railway lines and is the perfect tool for planning winter services. Meteorological forecasts are automatically aligned and visualised as either green, yellow or red days on the screen.

The Weather Cockpit® offers reliable and location-specific weather forecasts and severe weather warnings, enabling efficient route planning. This prevents delays or cancellations on transport routes and railway lines and helps lower costs. The weather forecasts can be easily integrated in tailor-made, customer-specific portals or in special applications used by the customer. In a nutshell, the system offers a reliable decision base enabling informed decision making enabling railway operators to better plan and operate more efficiently.

Weather forecasting for all railway lines is enhanced with a 3D Rail Weather Model. The Weather Cockpit is an ideal decision-support system for resource planning and enables rail and tramway operators to manage a large number of stations and employees. The Weather Cockpit is also individually tailored to the operators needs. Thresholds and parameters may be specifically defined as well as user groups who need access to various functionalities such as, for instance, timely and accurate severe weather warnings.

“Climate change equals weather change. With the number and severity of extreme weather events constantly on the rise, business leaders can now see for themselves how weather impacts their lives. With the digitalization of the rail industry, integrating our AI-driven weather solutions has become easier to integrate and even more relevant. Weather-enabled decision making helps increase safety and efficiency,” concludes Michael Fassnauer.

Today UBIMET has offices in Vienna, Karlsruhe, Germany, Melbourne, Munich, New York, Zurich and 200 employees from 25 different countries. 80% of UBIMET staff are scientists and technical experts who turn 90TB of data daily into weather insights for more safety and efficiency.


UBIMET is the leading provider of meteorological services for aviation including high-quality data, a proprietary lightning detection network, weather alerts and tailor-made solutions. The founder-led company with a presence on three continents stands for reliable, tailor-made, high-precision weather information and digital services for weather-dependent industries. As a global innovation leader top companies from sectors such as insurance, energy, infrastructure, media or sports as well as champions of the new economy rely on us. UBIMET provides high-quality meteorological data, forecasts and warnings that allow weather-dependent industries around the globe to increase safety and efficiency.


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