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LRT studies for Campina Grande

On 5 August the Brazilian Ministry of Cities and the Urban Train Company (CBTU) met in the town of Campina Grande, around 2000km north-east of the capital, to discuss the feasibility of implementing a new light rail system.

A 15km (nine-mile) route linking the FAP University Hospital in the north with Aluzio Campos in the south is being considered, utilising a disused heavy rail line with diesel-powered LRVs.

Campina Grande Mayor Romero Rodrigues says the city, with 450 000 inhabitants, has the demand for a modern light rail system. A new residential suburb and industrial zone are under construction, which should increase the city’s population by another 20 000.

He told local media: “Geography helps a lot because we have a railway line leaving the peripheral part, through the industrial complex, the centre and going to the university center, through hospitals. And we still have the possibility of integration with the urban transport system in the city.”