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Olzstyn secures funding for tramway second phase

Trams returned to the Polish city of Olzstyn in December 2015, the country’s first new tramway in 50 years. (Image credit: Martin Janduła)

Signing of the EU funding agreement for construction of the second phase of the tramway in Olzstyn, Poland, took place on 28 February. The European Union Operational Programme for Eastern Poland is to provide PLN144.9m (EUR33.7m) towards the PLN208m (EUR48.3m) project that will add two new routes to the 11km (seven-mile) system that opened in December 2015.

A new double-track alignment is to be built from the existing network at the junction of al Piłsudskiego and ul. Kościuszki south-east to ul. Wyszyńskiego; from here it would turn southwards to a new terminus at Pieczewo. Two new routes will be created: line 4 will extend at the northern end to serve the main railway station, while line 5 will join line 1 to reach the existing eastern terminus at Wysoka Brama.

The new routes will serve key objectives such as a large Michelin tyre factory, one of the region’s largest employers with over 4000 workers, and the Stadion Stomil sports stadium. A wider PLN255m (EUR59.3m) project will include road and traffic signal upgrades.

Work is scheduled to begin later this year and be completed within two years for passenger service to begin in autumn 2019.

The city plans to buy 14 new trams to add to its existing fleet of 15 Solaris Tramino vehicles that are 29.3m long and, unusually, 2.5m wide. Rolling stock tenders are expected in May.