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Paris light rail to nudge 250km within the next six years

LRT networks of various configurations across the capital region to more than double by 2022.


Paris will mark the 30th anniversary of the launch of its first modern tramway line in 2022 by extending its network to almost 250km (155 miles).
The French capital abandoned the last section of its first-generation tramways in 1938, but brought light rail back in July 1992 with the opening of the 9.1km (5.6-mile) line T1 between Bobigny and La Corneuve. Since June 2016 eight lines are in operation, totalling 105km (65 miles), including two rubber-tyred lines using the NTL/Translohr system, and one tram-train operated on former SNCF tracks.
Projects now authorised will take the network to 246km (153 miles) within six years, extending existing lines and opening others, taking the total to 13.
What is remarkable about the Paris network is that most lines are standalone operations with little or no connection to each other. Only at Gare de St-Denis is there a track connection between T1 and T8, while the apparent connection between T2 and T3a at Porte de Versailles is illusory because each line is operated by rolling stock of different widths.
T10 will be a conventional tramway with its own depot, despite crossing rubber-tyred T6 (which has its own depot). Clearly some of the extensions open up possibilities for connections (T1/T2 near Pont de Bezons and T3a/T9 at Porte de Choisy).
T1: Noisy-le-Sec – Asnières-Gennevilliers-Les Courtilles (17km/10.6 miles); extension from Noisy-le-Sec to Val de Fontenay (10.7km/6.6 miles) and from Asnières to Colombes-Gabriel Péri (6.5km/four miles)
T2: Porte de Versailles – Pont de Bezons (17.9km/11.1 miles)
T3a: Pont du Garigliano – Porte de Vincennes (12.3km/7.6 miles)
T3b: Porte de Vincennes – Porte de la Chapelle (9.5km/5.9 miles); extension from Porte de la Chapelle to Porte d’Asnieres (4.3km/2.7 miles) and further expansion from Porte d’Asnieres to Porte Dauphine (3km/1.9 miles)
T4: Tram-train Aulnay-sous-Bois – Bondy (7.9km/4.9 miles); new branch from Bondy Gargan to L’hôpital de Montfermeil (6.5km/ four miles)
T5: Saint-Denis – Garges-Sarcelles (6.6km/4.1 miles)
T6 Châtillon Montrouge – Viroflay Rive Droite (14km/8.7 miles)
T7: Villejuif – Porte de l’Essonne (11.2km/seven miles); extension from Porte d l’Essonne to Juvisy-sur-Orge (3.8km/2.4 miles)
T8: Saint-Denis – Épinay-sur-Seine/Villetaneuse (8.45km/5.3 miles)
New line T9: Porte de Choisy – Orly Ville (10.3km/6.4 miles)
New line T10: Antony – Clamart (8.2km/5.1 miles)
New line T11: Tram-train Satrouville – Noisy-le-Sec (28km/17.4 miles)
New line T12: Tram-train Massy-Palaiseau – Evry-Courcouronnes (20km/12.4 miles); extension from Massy-Palaiseau to Versailles Chantiers (14.6km/nine miles)
New line T13: Tram-train Saint-Cyr – Acheres Ville (29km/18 miles)