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Paris T3 celebrates ten years

Paris is a city with major emissions concerns; T3a and T3b have helped to remove cars from the roads and establish a ‘green’ belt around the city. (RATP/D. Sutton)

Friday 16 December marks two important milestones for light rail in the French capital: the tenth anniversary of the opening of line T3a (Boulevard Victor – Pont du Garigliano RER station in the 15th arrondissement with Porte de Vincennes metro station in the 12th arrondissement); and the continuation of T3b to Porte d’Asnières.
T3b opened as far as Porte de Vincennes in December 2012 and the combined line currently carries 240 000 passengers each day. The latest 4.3km (2.7-mile) extension to Porte de d’Asnières features eight new stops – including interchanges with metro line 4 at Porte de Clignancourt, line 13 at Porte de Saint-Ouen and the northern extension of line 14 at Porte de Clichy – and offers tramway access to a further 600 000 residents and 300 000 workers in the seven districts the line now covers.
With established urban rail travel between central Paris and the suburbs on radial axes, T3 delivers vital suburban links and also has an important  environmental element, creating  a ‘green belt’ around the city with large sections of grass track.
Around one million passengers are carried on the eight current tramlines in the city each day (two of which use the NTL/Translohr rubber-tyred system), with two new conventional lines under construction – T9 and T10.