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Praha plans order for up to 200 trams

The last Skoda 15T to be delivered to DPP in 2019. Note the rotating bogies. Image courtesy of R. Hloch

Praha (Prague) is to purchase up to 200 single-ended trams over the next ten years, transport operator Dopravní podnik hl. m. Prahy (DPP) announced on 21 November.

It is expected that a contract worth around EUR617 million, initially for 40 trams but with options for 160 more, would be placed before the end of 2023. DPP plans to use funding from the Czech Republic’s National Recovery Plan.

With a total capacity of 220 passengers (at least 60 of which should be seated), the new trams are to be 32m long and 80% low-floor. Maximum weight is 48t and full air-conditioning is required. The offer should include a licence for software to diagnose technical faults, training of DPP staff and ten sets of service tools. In addition, eight spare bogies are required.

The evaluation weighting to be given to differentaspects is as follows: Price 50%; price guarantee for spare parts 10%; weight 5%; vehicle capacity (at fivepassengers/m2)6%; extent of low-floor area 5%; diameter of new wheels 6%; electro-mechanical brake 5%; axle weight 4%;ecological refrigerant in air conditioning 2%; length of warranty 7%.

Application deadline for participation in the latest order is 19 December; Alstom, CAF, Hyundai-Rotem, Modertrans, PESA, Pragoimex, Siemens, Stadler and Skodahave responded to preliminary market consultations.

DPPs last purchase of new trams was of250 Skoda 15T ForCity Alfa vehicles in 2009-19. The current total fleet on the 142.4km (88.4-mile) network is 882 trams.