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All-Russian low-floor tram unveiled

russian low-floor tram

The first trial run of the Uraltransmash 71-415M in Yekaterinburg. (URAL_66

Uraltransmash of Yekaterinburg (a subsidiary of Russian industrial group Uralvagonzavod) have developed a new low-floor tram prototype which uses only Russian components. The 71-415M has entered trial service in Yekaterinburg (Russia’s fourth largest city) and, it is hoped, will achieve the certification needed to permit it being sold more widely in Russia.

With a history in the manufacturing industry spanning over two hundred years, Uraltransmash is one of the oldest enterprises in the Urals. The main focus on the company is in the production of military equipment, however since 1999 has delivered around 100 partly low-floor trams to several systems, including Nizhny Novgorod, Nizhny Tagil and Yekaterinburg.

More recently it developed a 100% low-floor bogie tram, but this has not achieved many sales, despite at one time being shortlisted for a big Moskva contract. It also incorporated components made outside Russia. Since being placed under sanctions due to the conflict in the Ukraine, it has been unable to trade with western countries.

Now the company has produced a version that is 100% Russian in its components and on 8 March the prototype 71-415M entered trial service in Yekaterinburg with the aim of achieving certification that will permit general sales in Russia.