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Safety system on London Trams network gains SIL2 accreditation

The PPOS system in operation in Croydon has won SIL2 accreditation

The PPOS system in operation in Croydon has won SIL2 accreditation

DB ESG, the largest rolling stock technology consultant in Europe, and Sella Controls, the market-leader for ‘engineered solutions’ for safety, control, automation and telecommunication applications in a range of industries, are the first to receive a Safety Intregrity Level 2 (SIL2) certification in the UK for their Tracklink III system with a PPOS controller.

In 2019, DB ESG were selected by Transport for London to develop, design, install and commission a device to physically prevent the over-speeding (PPOS) of light rail vehicles operated by London Trams in the Croydon area. In collaboration with Sella Controls, this system was created and, over the course of its one year operation, it has demonstrated exceptional performance.

In February 2023, the Independent Safety Assessor certified the over speeding-protection system, including both the hardware and the software, as being safety assured at Level 2 (SIL2).

Nick Goodhand, Managing Director, DB ESG said: “We are absolutely delighted that this system has received this mark of safety quality. Protecting a tram network with the highest possible level of safety gives operators the peace of mind that they are doping their utmost to keep passengers safe.” Chris Elliott, Business Development Director for Sella Controls added that the accreditation was ‘a fantastic achievement’ and that passenger safety was of the ‘utmost importance.’ to everyone involved in the project.

A more detailed article will be included in the May 2023 Tramways & Urban Transit (out on the 17th April). For more information regarding DB ESG, please visit their website here.