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Timișoara unveils first modernised GT4s

The first two smart modernised GT4 trams were unviled in Timișoara on 8 July.

Two modernised ex-Bremen Wegmann GT4 trams for the Romanian city of Timișoara were presented to the public on 8 July to coincide with the city’s annual Urban Transport Day.

A consortium of Electroputere VFU Pașcani and Astra Vagoane Călători Arad won a EUR14.4m contract in 2014 to refurbish up to 30 trams over four years. Work on the first two trams began in June 2014, and these will now undergo night-time testing on the 600V dc standard-gauge network.

The two-car uni-directional trams are 18.38m long and 2.31m wide, with 29 seats and capacity for 135 standees. Four sets of 1200mm-wide double doors include one set with a wheelchair ramp. The trams feature a new steel bodyshell, GRP front and rear ends, digital passenger information screens, air-conditioning and three external CCTV cameras.

Two motor bogies each with a 200kW asynchronous motor fed by two traction inverters give a maximum speed of 70km/h (43.5mph), but the trams are electronically limited to 50km/h (30mph). The AC drives have been designed for regenerative braking, and Hanning & Kahl mechanical brakes have also been fitted.