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Winter weather wrecks Metrolink services

Bury to Piccadilly was the only line running after sub-zero temperatures caused Metrolink services to come to a standstill last week. (Image: Neil Pulling)

Sub-zero temperatures overnight brought Manchester Metrolink to a near standstill on 12 December, with services suspended across the network due to icing up of overhead lines. All services apart from the Bury to Piccadilly route were halted until after midday, with severe delays across the network following clearing of the ice from the lines. Replacement bus services were in operation.

Transport for Greater Manchester’s Metrolink Director Peter Cushing said that ‘unusual and extreme temperatures’ had caused the problems and that ice-breaking trams were running throughout the night.

Reported in the Manchester Evening News, Mr Cushing said: “Services were launched first thing, but because of the conditions several vehicles failed at key points on the network and as a result the decision was taken to suspend services on all lines, with the exception of Bury to Piccadilly.

“Replacement bus services are running on all other lines accepting Metrolink tickets, and we are continuing to address the situation.”